Are There Dangerous Levels of Radon in Your Home?

Are There Dangerous Levels of Radon in Your Home?

Protect your family with radon testing in Prior Lake, MN

Radon testing can make you aware of the presence of this dangerous gas in your home. Certified Home Inspections LLC will find out whether or not you need to worry about Radon.

We'll set up radon monitors in the lowest space of your house. These will operate for 48 hours, detecting any traces of radon gas. When we get the report back from the lab, we'll help you evaluate the results. Low levels of radon aren't a cause for worry. If we detect higher levels, we'll advise you about treatment methods.

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Stay vigilant about radon inspection

All homes should be tested for radon. Early inspection can mean the difference between health and illness, life and death. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer. You can't smell or see radon gas, so testing is essential.

Our radon tests cost $175. If you purchase a test along with an inspection, the price drops to $150.

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